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Maverick Masonry Company Hardscaping Services

Brick Pavers

Maverick Masonry Company offers brick pavers and other hardscapes as a part of our extensive landscaping packages. We’re happy to be able to bring this varied service to your home or business. Whether you’re interested in a driveway full of decorative paving stones, or a simple cement walkway installation, we’re ready to give you the best services available. Call today to talk to an agent!

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Commercial Water Features

We have extremely precise installation techniques to avoid any undue damage to your property or other investments, meaning that the typical repair and cleanup costs that come with this kind of installation project will be lowered or totally eliminated. We have resourceful material sourcing professionals, who will make sure that your feature will never be anything but a good thing for your business. Call us today!

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Hardscaping is the human element of landscaping. Whether you want a fire for gathering with family and friends, or a meditation pool for solo contemplation, hardscaping will make your outdoor space perfect for whatever you have in mind. And Maverick Masonry Company is here to serve all your hardscaping needs.

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Outdoor Fire Pits

Maverick Masonry Company knows the classic appeal of a fire pit. Do your outdoor goals call for a classic wood burning pit, with the appeal of its classic crackle and smoke? Are you more interested in a natural gas fire pit, with its level of convenience and modern appeal? Read on for a bit more information or call immediately to be advised on the future of your outdoors.

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Outdoor Kitchens

As time goes on, stone and brick will eventually start to degrade. In the event that your residential or commercial property’s masonry has begun to show signs of wear, don’t panic. Just give Maverick Masonry Company a call and we’ll be glad to fix it up for you.

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Residential Water Features

A well-planned and perfectly installed residential water feature brings an unparalleled sense of ambiance to any part of your home or property. Whether you’re looking to bring your patio to the next level with one of our premier patio fountains, or you’re looking to really make your garden pop with one of our many garden water features, we’re confident we’ll have the right feature for your unique needs or specific budget.

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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall has the tough, thankless job of holding back tons of soil so that your property’s landscape can be more functional. Given the amount of pressure retaining walls must endure, make sure it is ready to perform against the elements and let our masons build you a rock-solid one.

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